bárbaro: como criar experiências 3D com objetos 2D


essa interface aí acima é genial: bonita, interativa e gostosa de usar.  clique na imagem pra ver.

quer saber como faz?  eles compartilharam tudo, explicando passo a passo:

Here we’re sharing our experience from the amazing CompletIT web site.

It’s always complicated, when you have to deal with 3D objects. No matter what environment and framework you choose, you’ll need to learn a lot of complicated structures and procedures in order to implement even a simple scenario. But the bigger problem in Silverlight is the lack of “native” support for 3D (those helpful frameworks). There are some available frameworks out there, but they tend to be very heavy (because of the complex nature of the 3D), so when you need good performance, you’d better to do everything on your own.

That’s why in this article, we’ll create a very simple 3D framework, that will allows us to position normal 2D objects like Grids, Buttons, Borders and TextBlocks in a 3D world and also allows us to move the camera(the viewer) all over the place.

aqui está o link pro tutorial e código-fonte: Navigation in 3D world of 2D objects