excelente notícia! Moonlight 2.0 em beta :D


excelente notícia pra comunidade Linux: o Moonlight 2.0 beta está no ar.  Veja o que o Miguel Icasa escreveu:

Congratulations to the Moonlight team being lead by Chris Toshok on this release; And thanks a lot to the Silverlight team at Microsoft for helping us get here.

This means that Moonlight 2.0 is now feature complete and we consider it ready to test against Silverlight 2.0 sites.

Além de permitir a usuários de Linux que acessem aplicações feitas em Silverlight 2 (Deep Zoom, por exemplo) ele já incorpora algumas features do Silverlight 3:

Features from 3.0

The API implemented by Moonlight 2.0 is a slight superset of Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 as it contains a few of the 3.0 APIs that fit naturally into our development process. These include:

  • Easing functions
  • SaveFileDialog
  • MultiScaleImage 3.0 API enhancements
  • MediaStreamSource now supports PCM audio data, RGBA and YV12 video data (for your pluggable media codec needs).
  • WriteableBitmap (for your Quaking needs)

aqui está o link: Moonlight 2.0 goes Beta - Miguel de Icaza