Feliz aniversário para o CodePlex!

que bárbaro!  mais de 5000 projetos opensource e 1M de visitantes únicos/mês!   você já explorou tudo o que o Codeplex tem prontinho pra você usar?

CodePlex celebrates its 2nd birthday!

It seems like only recently, but is has been two years since we launched CodePlex. We launched this in Summer 2006 as Microsoft’s open source project hosting site. Our goal was, and continues to be, to provide developers with the ability to collaborate on open source projects using the tools they are most familiar with.

Since launching, CodePlex has grown steadily, recently achieving two major milestones: 1,000,000 unique visitors/month and 5,000 total projects. CodePlex projects appeal to many audiences and include the AJAX Control Toolkit, Rawr (a .NET tool for World of Warcraft), and IronPython.

Somasegar's WebLog : CodePlex celebrates its 2nd birthday!