muito interessante: e-learning usando Sharepoint e Silverlight


muito interessante: um produto de e-learning baseado em Sharepoint e Silverlight: 

LearningPoint is a solution that can be installed on top of WSS 3.0 or SharePoint Server 2007. It's easy to install and takes advantage of SharePoint for storage and the collaboration functionality and leverages Silverlight for the user experience. It's SCORM compliant and has all the bells and whistles of what you would expect in an E-Learning solution: you can add courses, assign courses, manage users & courses, look at course/user reports and even create courses! The creating courses piece is really innovative and what I found most differentiating. You can create something as simple as a few videos and images strung together or something more complex.

veja mais detalhes aqui: Arpan Shah's Blog : SharePoint, E-Learning and Silverlight