Silverlight x flash: alguns números das Olimpíadas

hmmm… muito interessante pra quem está em dúvida:

“With Windows Media Services we need 40 servers to serve 100.000 concurrent users. With Flash Streaming we should need 270 servers for the same amount.” Roeland Stekelenburg, Head of New Media , NOS

The Silverlight-powered site "crushed every U.S. digital record for a major event. Nothing even comes close." Perkins Miller, Senior VP, NBC Olympics,

While sites using other, non-Microsoft technologies had a viewing experience that lasted an average of 3 minutes per user, on the site, the average viewing time was over 27 minutes per user (with Silverlight)

In just 17 days, NBC said that its Silverlight-powered Web site had:

· 1.3 billion page views

· 50+ million unique visitors

· 70 million streams

· 10 million hours of video watched

· 35 million mobile page views

· 5,000+ clips viewed every day

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