100 BarrelFish O/S on the Wall, take one down, 99 BarrelFish O/S on the Wall!

Just makes you hum that famous old song doesn’t it?  But what is odd, is that to read the interesting non-Microsoft papers requires that you join ACM and then you can read them, as far as I can tell.  Which seems to me to be insane as an author, those kinds of research papers should just be free, who wants to pay to read them?  Well if you want to read one of these non-Microsoft papers, for instance the:

“Efficiently correlating complex events over live and archived data streams”

Would cost $15.00 for you to buy the article from ACM.  Might be worth it.

Well I would, and one of the perks for working at Microsoft (and many other companies) is that they pay for the access to the digital subscriptions.  If you work at one of those companies and you don’t use this benefit then you should consider it.

If you want to join the fish in the barrel, or read what folks are saying you could sign up and go to:

You should consider signing up for the mailing list.  Keep in mind that this is a research project so the code inside of the O/S might not meet your quality standards.