Barrelfish Free O/S funded by Microsoft: Discussion of early experience with BarrelFish

Looking for that Master Thesis?  Tired of that Linux versus Microsoft battle, want to clear your mind?  This is the paper that can take you on a little vacation!

If you don’t want to read my blather, then go immediately over to:

Early experience with the Barrelfish OS and the Single-Chip Cloud Computer

In this paper a comparison of the Traditional OS Architectures is made with respect to the needs of an efficient multikernel based operating system.  The researchers discuss how they used a Rocky Lake Board, (from Oracle) to test the system.  The findings are discussed in detail, and since this paper can be viewed for no cost by my readers, I won’t detail them here.

Seriously, if you have P.O.S. x86 laying about, you can load up the BarrelFish O/S and get started doing research.  So just do it!