Climate Research Unit, a good source of data, and a way to show your ability

If you are interested in the so-called Climate Gate or Global Warming or Climate Change, or are just looking for large groups of data, the CRU or Climate Research Unit is a good place to start, you can find the CRU data and other information at CRU Data Page.  This is the controversial center of the climate change or whatever you want to call it (I think of it as weather, silly me).

If I was teaching a class on functional language, such as F#, one of the first assignments would be to translate one of the NCL language “scripts” or “procedures” from the FORTRAN-90 like language used by the CRU in to something that could be used by F#.  Then the students would be ask to upgrade the language so that it either self-commenting or has comments to help others read about their assumptions, etc. 

The students would then be ask to place their code in the “My Experiment” site and follow the workflow in that website.

As to whether or not the polar icecaps melt, or the ocean rises (my house at 200 feet elevation is in good shape), this would be a great way to show off your talent for software and upgrading products.