DARPA puts out a RFI for a Starship design: Visual Studio answers!

Ok, I am a crazy person, and anyone who has read my stream of consciousness that I write on my blogs, knows that the idea of planning out blogs carefully and methodically, utilizing SEO is something that I know I should do.  But I don’t.

I write.  Then I think.  Sometimes I feel bad about what I wrote.  But right now, what would the software architecture look like for a Starship, software that would have to function without maintenance for 100 years, not sure where will you would get in 100 years, but that is what the DARPA request sets as the timeline.

After all how often does that Adobe installer come up on your machines, or Windows Update, or Mac Updates, or Linux updates.  What if you had to put your code into a can, close it and expect it to work for 100 years without failure.

Well, I am teeing up some time this weekend to work on this important effort, or I will spend time training my new puppy. 

As you might expect, UML, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio will be a part of the design thinking. 

If you have any thoughts, leave a comment, or use the email feature.

Oh, and here is the DARPA RFI site (note it is a FBO.GOV site, not FBO.crazyperson):