Does the Stock Market obeys the Law Of Gravity? What is the law of gravity, Feynman explains

I don’t know about you, but today is 8/8/2011, and the markets are falling, just this early Monday morning the New York Exchange just dropped over 300 points between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM.  Quite a drop, fortunately the traffic kept flowing, but it was lighter than expected, at least by me.  I had left home early for the Microsoft Los Angeles office, and with that news I was glad that I have a fairly large cash position, now I can purchase stocks on discount.

The news readers in the US sometimes say that the Stock Market obeys the laws of gravity, and that got me to thinking about what is the law of gravity?  After all physics is a nice place to put your mind when you are worried about the future.  Physics indicates that you really don’t have to worry about the future, it will unfold following certain rules and one of the rules is that you don’t get to know what is going to happen.  One of the experts on the future as a thing that you can’t determine is Dr. Richard Feynmann.

Dr. Richard Feynmann is one of the great physics “understanders” (to use a Bushism), to put it in a weird way, as I don’t really think of him as a scientists, but rather as one of those odd types that doesn’t fit in any category.  If you want to get your mind off the economic markets for a short period of time and to find out about the Law of Physics, watch this video.  (Bear in mind that this video is from 1964 and has some tuning patterns at the front end, also this is a college lecture with chalkboards as in chalk and blackboards, so it was a simpler time, a time when the New York Stock exchange was trading for around a 250 average, or less that then the drop that occurred this morning!)

Or, it might be a good time to turn off your computer, tablet or iPad and simply go to the beach.  No URL for that.  Just go.  Or watch the video, Dr. Feynmann has a way of making you happy about the universe.