Excel to the Cloud, to infinity and BEYOND!

Excel DataScopeWhat is BigData?  Is it some strange religious cult? Will it be the next reality show?  Who knows?  Well I will have you know that there was a most excellent conference on June 15 that talks about just what is BigData.

Check it out, it must have been a big deal since President Obama’s administration showed up (and why do so many bloggers use only President Obama’s last name?  Seems disrespectful).  There was a reason for the administration’s members showed up: This was a conference that is going to demonstrate the democratizing access to data!

Check it out, if you are a student doing some reading over the summer, again, a quick read, write up a quick report and show your parents.  Then play some Halo, or better go ride your bike.  Actually I want to ride my bike.

If you are at work, you can use this over lunch or dinner to show off how cool you really are.  If you are a “R” or “D” or independent, knowing what the government is doing with data is important to everyone. 

If you are an ABM (anything but Microsoft), this is important.  If you are like me and are a Microsoft fanboy, then check this out.  If you think ABM or Microsoft fanboy are stupid things to say, this is important.   If you are my management, this is important.  If you are surfing right now, ok, this isn’t important.

Or if you think that the image on this post is really boring, and want to see the funny images I use from time to time, this is important.

So check it out: