Feynman speaks from beyond the grave: Messenger Series

image Wow!  No, no, WOW!  The Messenger Series from Cornell brings Feynman back from the dead.  Here is Dr. Feynman lecturing on the nature of physical law.

Microsoft has put together a respectful and interesting series of lectures by Richard Feynman called Project Tuva, apparently Dr. Feynman fascinated by the Russian state of Tuva.

Take a look at this great video: Project Tuva

Feynman simplified complex ideas so that all could understand them.

For a great discussion see Alfred Thompson’s blog about using this series in learning: Project Tuva – a new way to teach and learn.  And he thinks I don’t read his blogs.  Ok, I missed that one, I WAS on vacation.  And I disagree with his title: A new way to teach and learn, yo Alfred, these were done in 1964, that’s 45 years ago.  I think a better title for your blog would be: “Project Tuva—a leading edge way to teach and learn, in 1964” or something like that.  Ok, maybe your title is snappy…

Grab a kid (keep in mind though that there is a law against kidnapping), your Mom, Dad, or roommate and watch these videos!


There will be a quiz.  No really, there will be.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  You know the drill if you read this blog, I might do it if I don’t get distracted.




Bill Gate is looking like he is having fun in the sun, with a bit of a tan that he didn’t get in Washington State. :)