Free CS Video: Learn how to design an Auction-Based Marketplaces for Paris Hilton

Let’s say someone like Parish Hilton (a famous person around 2012) who made a bunch of cash off of being famous.  Let’s say that a few years later, like around 2015, she decides that she can make more money doing online auctions of her clothes, shoes, etc.  If she carefully sells off her items, then she could also sell art and so forth from her many friends. 

Some might say that Paris Hilton doesn’t have the technical chops to design her won Auction-Based Marketplace.  You find out that she needs to get this done.  You have been building Azure sites since 2012 (remember that it’s 2015), and you get an opportunity to implement the Paris Hilton Auction-Based Marketplace.

Well, it really is NOW, and you may want to figure out why to use Azure, and one of the reasons would be to create an Auction-Based marketplace.

There will be a test.  Just kidding.