Free Slot Machine Game Engine tools: XAML/CPP and Greed as a Game Theory

Ok, this isn’t about the Microsoft Research, but rather this is about the tools that you could use to create mobile apps for Windows 8 and the totally cool metro style which upgrades the process of designing a slot machine or other gaming system.  Now I am using the word: “gaming” as in “gambling” system.  No matter how you design a gambling system, there are rules, even in totally lawless environment, so bear that in mind.

Lawless environments have rules?  Yep, those who have the gold make the rules, and they want to make sure that they keep their gold.  So how do you implement a successful slot machine design?  Well, first of all, why do people like me waste ANY money on a slot machine or gambling system, after all, isn’t it logical that I am going to lose money?  So what drives people to use the slot machines?  What kind of things do you need to consider during your design cycle?

Well one thing you might want to consider taking into consideration, the WMS Slot machine “Star Trek” did a good job of capturing my $80 or so bucks:

Although these papers and projects are related to Game Theory, you could use them in understanding the underlying economics of slot machine or “gaming” machines.  With respect to Craps, Roulette, or card games, these papers do not apply.