Is SkimpyStash similar to SkimpyBikini? No, but it is way to Flash more.

Ok, SkimpyStash, SkimpyBikini and Flash, just beg for an HR violation here, but I won’t go there. 

Actually I am in a mood today, I went body surfing yesterday after work and I totally sanded by a big wave, so I am suffering from some muscle pain.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say my favorite body surfing beach can have a long series of small waves followed by one BIG wave that might be as high as 3 meters (yeah, 3 meters). 

SkimpyStash is not to be confused with one of those Speedos that mature males should never wear on a SoCal beach or the state of my 401K (retirement fund) currently, but rather a way to get more information onto a Flash drive.

In the paper:

The authors describe how to use an improved process to generate link lists and thus this paper is a great adjunct to a data structure class, or reading on how Flash memory works.  I will definitely be using this paper in my game design class as it has information about on-line game player memory utilization.  The SkimpStash concept works well to make sure that the online game server functions efficiently.

Let’s be detailed about the treasury of information in this paper:

  • Online Game and memory use
  • Solid State Disks
  • Garbage Collection
  • Key-Value Pairs and impact on memory

If you read no other paper this summer, you should read this one.  Or the other ones I recommended.  Or not.