ISEF: Intel sponsors AWESOME contest for Teen Age Inventors and Scientists worldwide

The Society for Science & the Public holds a number of Science Fairs through out the world and then the World Event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2011.  The event functioned like a well oiled machine, and the students were the focus, as it should be.

What does this mean for you?  If you are tired of people talking about how bad Teen Agers are these days, that the teen agers are absorbed by Video Games, Drugs, Facebook, Dancing and that there is trouble in River City (“Music Man” reference), then the teen-agers at the ISEF demonstrated that their generation is going to kick some posterior!

These students were a sign that the future is bright and going to be filled with wonderfully intelligent design of software, biological, chemical, physics and engineering products. 

One of the projects I liked was:

    • Autonomous Robotic Vehicle, Saving Lives, Preventing Accidents One
      at a Time
    • Inventor:
      • Jessica Alexis Richeri, 17, Centennial High School, Corona, California
      • Jessica will be attending Cornell, unfortunate for California.

There so many projects that the judging was difficult, one of the thoughts I kept having was: Let’s just give some of these project designers a 4 year degree, because they certainly proved that they should just go on to graduate school.