Kinect Launches a Surgical Revolution. Will someone define a revolution?

Link: Kinect Launches a Surgical Revolution

I don’t know, is this a revolution or an innovation? 

President Obama’s Healthcare plan is definitely revolutionary, whether you agree with it or not.  In fact that is usually a way to tell if something is revolutionary: Lot’s of disagreement.  Everyone who uses a Kinect thinks it is COOL!  Even the open source innovators.  So revolutionary with that definition? You decide.

But whether or not President Obama or Mitt Romney will face off via Dance Central, the use of Kinect in sterile environments is a good idea!

This article compares the Kinect the movie “Fantastic Voyage” wonder if anyone actually watched this movie? (Raquel Welch, one of her best roles I think as the assistant to a Brain Surgeon, she should have been the Brain Surgeon, not Stephen Boyd,  Isaac Asimov wrote the novelization of the movie and hated everything about it except for the royalty check and meeting Raquel Welch, who in my opinion could still do the same role now!)image

I think the better comparison, and a better movie would have been Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain, the book and movie, but then you had a better women scientist in that movie then Fantastic Voyage, stronger and more real.  Anyway, in the movie the computer responded to voice input as well, and drove images.

Back to the Kinect as a revolutionary device: Maybe, if you are trying to capture media attention.  Which with this blog I am clearly not trying to do.  I think that the Kinect is an innovation device, designers are innovating like crazy with it! 

To me revolutionary would the creation of XRays, but an MRI wasn’t revolutionary since it extended the capabilities of the ability to view the inside of soft tissue and XRays work for hard tissue.  Kinect works with existing imaging systems, innovation and invention.  Revolutionary?  Maybe.

I think of revolutions as cutting off the heads of old ideas and processes, think “what went before”.  Innovation expands or creates anew.  A revolution creates new paradigms or re-establishes old paradigms.  Raquel Welch was revolutionary, one of the first people of South American descent (Father was an immigrant from Bolivia) to play major roles in movies.  Now that is revolutionary on her part.  It helps to look good to the camera and to be on time.  Anyway…

In the article:

Although still being tested, the Kinect for Windows sensor, Mentis said, works well in the surgical suite. It’s able to track and follow multiple people, something other camera-based gestural systems cannot do.

Note the phrase: “…works well in the surgical suite….”  That is not what revolutions do.

Working well with others is what Microsoft does well.  And that is the better story that in a regulated environment like the surgery theater, the Kinect has been able to slip into it. 

So now, get a Windows Kinect, download the Kinect tools and get started programming.  No excuses.

But if you take a look at this picture, maybe they were using Kinect in the Fantastic Voyage: