Malware attack specifically targets Mac users, NIST reports 379 vulnerabilities over past 3 months, get your free anti-virus from Microsoft!

Seriously, I heard Leo Laporte (or is it LaPorte), on Saturday remark that viruses are usually written to attack Windows Operating Systems and that Mac or Apple users had nothing to worry about. Just not true, the number of vulnerabilities in Apple’s OS X is awful, and the articles are blaming Safari? Really? 

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Really? Mac or Apple users have been told repeatedly that the OS X is safe, there are no viruses out there. Ok, looks like the good times are over. 

Using links from an earlier blog (the numbers are dynamic, so if you go to the site after 5/2/2011 the numbers will go up or down):

Windows 7 over the past 3 months, prior to 5/2/2011: 67 vulnerabilities (Keyword= Windows 7 )

Mac OS X over the past 3 months, prior to 5/2/2011: 379 vulnerabilities (Keyword= Mac OS X )

Linux OS over the past 3 month prior to 5/2/2011: 59 vulnerabilities (Keyword= Linux )

Keep in mind if you are thinking about switching Browsers, every browser has problems, these are dynamic links, the numbers shown are for 3 months prior to 5/2/2011:

Chrome, 74 vulnerabilities:

Safari, 16 vulnerabilities ( proving a low number doesn’t necessarily mean secure):

Internet Explorer, 14 vulnerabilities:

Firefox, 14 vulnerabilities

People using Linux or Windows know to use anti-viruses, Microsoft offers one for no cost called Security Essentials: