Microsoft Research and Office Labs

Well as far as I can tell have little to do with each other.  I liked Office Labs when they had some community outreach and did cool things like Community Clips, one of the best ways to show others how to do things.  Now the Office Lab site is pretty with nice twirling icons and interesting navigation, but kind of strange that on July 16 they didn’t have anything about Office 2013.  Weird.  Not real exciting.  No toys for 2013, things to do, or etc. just a bunch of the same thing.

Now what about Microsoft Research in contrast? Lot’s of exciting new stuff and exciting older stuff too.  In fact once you have installed the New and Awesome Office 2013, you need to make sure to check Microsoft Research.

It appears that much of the work done in Microsoft Research has been added to Office 2013, for instance the work done with OfficeSword appears to be directly applied to the seamless ability of Office to connect with Skydrive! 

Climate change?  Using Office?  Maybe.  More tomorrow.