Microsoft Research creates Mayhem, you could win $1000!

Check out this new open source application that let’s you control all kinds of things.  Say you are doing a Power Point presentation and you want the lights to dim.  If the lights are on the internet and you have a connection, then your power point slide could trigger the lights to go down with only a simple command.

And just how would you hook up that light with your power point?  Insteon would be the go to place:

You can download the Mayhem code at: (and yes that is the URL, weird)

If you hurry you might be able to earn $1,000 with the Mayhem code.  I can’t since I work for Microsoft.

All of this can be done with no programming, although you will likely need some of the tools from insteon (see web site above)

Build something cool and you could win $1,000!

Oh if this doesn’t make sense, check out this video:




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