Microsoft Research helps you design a sound plan for your game: SongSmith

Hey Yo, games with no music in the background are boring. No sound effects: Boring. But you are just a poor student or hobbyist, and you don’t have any cash to get access to an expensive sound effects library. And when I say expensive, I mean anything that costs cash. 

So if it is eats or sound effects, what are you going to do? SongSmith. Now I am not saying you the $29.95 for the full copy of SongSmith, isn’t definitely worth it. But you can get the SongSmith by taking a class at a school with an MSDNAA subscription, and that way you learn about programming as well. Two for one.

Ok, so I am not all that street smart, but there is a good paper about the use of Machine Learning and SongSmith:

SongSmith is available at no cost (someone has to pay, but it isn’t you, your school or government):

  • Educators
  • STEM-D students

Try out the free trial at: