My take on Microsoft Research: Infer.NET 2.4

Ok, I just watched the “Just Press Play” on the use of Games in Academics.  Nice interviews and such, but the intro could use a spice up, one word: Hook.

However, Machine Learning is something that doesn’t need much of a hook.  Anything Bayesian is either a major headache with lots of promise and no long term upside, or it will work.  What is the test criteria for most of us: Make me rich quickly.  That might seem a little harsh, but isn’t that a cool criteria?  Make me rich? Umm.  No, darn.  How about make you rich, awww, that is a better criteria.  How about if both of us get rich and don’t have to deal with each other?

Download for the Infer.NET 2.4:

Seriously, I usually scan EULAs, and this EULA is one you should read before using!  This product is for NON-COMMERICAL purposes only and the definition of non-commercial use is clearly stated.

Once you get through the EULA, the installation is pretty cool, once the Infer.NET 2.4 is installed there is an example browser in case you don’t have Visual Studio on your machine.  There are tutorials (not directly linked from the download page for some reason) found at:

Tutorial 1: Two coins

Also the Infer.NET folks have a “Want Ad” for three positions at (note date: 1/10/2012, if you are reading this at any later date, the want ad may have been answered):


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