Request for Information: 100 YEAR STARSHIP™ STUDY, due to DARPA by June 3, 2011

Oh, yeah, an RFI from DARPA.  I know, I can be a crazy guy in my blog, but I saw this today and had to share.

If you want to respond go to this link (and note that it is a FBO.GOV, not FBO.crazy)

You have to put together a 5 page document that covers the following, and there is no cash attached to the request:

  • Long-term survivability over a century-long time horizon;
  • Self-governance, independent of government participation or oversight;
  • Self-sustainment, independent of government funding; and
  • Relevance to the goal of moving humanity toward the goal of interstellar travel, including related:
    • Technological
    • Biological
    • Social
    • Economic
    • Other issues

Hey this looks like fun, we need to form a Facebook Group and come up with something!

It’s only 5 pages!