Research: Programming Theorems, learning about Theorems, and applying Theorems

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You have likely heard the statement: “With faster processors and more memory, computers will begin to design themselves.”  I have heard this since the 70s, and I really wish this was true.  It is true in a certain way, but not the way that makes me rich, and the SMT is one way that you can design software automatically at the word level rather than the bit level.

The ability to move from the bit level to the word level is quite an improvement. 


  • The bit level SAT is or satisfiability (often written in all capitals or abbreviated SAT) is the problem of determining if the variables of a given Boolean formula can be assigned in such a way as to make the formula evaluate to TRUE.
  • Equally important is to determine whether no such assignments exist, which would imply that the function expressed by the formula is identically FALSE for all possible variable assignments. In this latter case, we would say that the function is unsatisfiable; otherwise it is satisfiable.
  • To emphasize the binary nature of this problem, it is frequently referred to as Boolean or propositional satisfiability.

The SMT-LIB has been set up for this, and the information about this can be found at:  Now humans might be able to easily utilize computers while at the same time computer algorithms grow more efficient.

Get over there and learn about this important process of learning about computer science!