Researching your queries and clicks

OMG, people tracking what I search and what I click on.  Isn’t that an invasion of my privacy? 

I think that I should have the right to protect my privacy, but what is privacy on the Internet? On the other hand, how do others help me to protect my privacy?  Doesn’t that require researchers to look at large numbers of queries and clicks to examine the statistics?  Questions, questions, questions…

To learn about how researchers are examining our queries and clicks, no matter how exciting or boring they might be, take a look at the e-paper to find out how privacy is defined. 

If you want to be able to hold forth on cybersecurity around the swimming pools, golf courses and over those tall cool drinks on the back porch, then you will need to read this article: Releasing Search Queries and Clicks Privately

There is some cranking hard math in the middle sections, but good analysis and reading that I can understand in sections 1-3, 7 and the conclusion.  It is worth the read, especially these days when your privacy is so important.