Slayer? SLAyer? Check the way to make sure you have dangling pointer derefences

Driver software driving you CRAZY?  Your program doesn’t launch fast?  Bugs?  Dangling Pointer Dereferencs? 

Check out SLAyer, a subset of the Terminator class of software, which if everything goes well should be part of the SkyNet software suite that will take over the world shortly.

So what is SLAyer?

“SLAyer is a program analysis tool designed to automatically prove memory safety of industrial systems code.”


If you are designing C based driver code you might want to take a look at this tool as it can function without hints by the end-user and it will find dangling pointer dereferences.

You can either download and use this tool in with the Visual C++ in the Pro or Ultimate versions, I did not check to see if it works in the VC++ Express, and of course you can program C in any of these versions.

Try SLAyer on line at:

And yes it is ANSI C, this is a way to demonstrate to your students a way to check their code for certain errors using “proofs”

On the other hand this will not work if you need to have someone sleep with the fishes.