Time Travel? Or Traveling Companions on a Trajectory Data Stream?

As of April 18, 2012, either Microsoft Researh has discovered the ability to travel in time (note that the article is dated October 2012, and also that the day of this blog is on April 18, 2012.  So maybe the quantum computing system at UC Santa Barbara is working out better than we thought.  But the article (from the future?  While you are at it Microsoft, get me a copy of Investors Daily from Oct. 2012)



Ok, enough funny stuff, you need to read this paper if you are interested in mobile computing, and why wouldn’t you be?  There are seven problem statements and discussion around the “Traveling Companions”.  So ignoring the time travel issues (at least as of April 18, 2012), this is a very interesting article.  In fact I just found my next 7 Research blog entries.

Take a look at it or come back and read my blog where I attempt to show how to use this type of paper.