Triple Negative *** Cancer research



I have been thinking about Triple Negative *** Cancer lately, one of my neighbors died from complications from this cancer.  One of things that makes this cancer more difficult is that the cancer cells turn off the body’s t-cells that could deal with the cancer.  When the Triple Negative cancer responds to current chemotherapy it the cancer is dealt with cleanly, but when it doesn’t the Oncologist's runs out of tools quickly.  Some thought lies around the specialization of the cancer cell, so if a researcher or Oncologist could rapidly (within a few weeks) examine the genome and compare the genome against a large data base then a unique chemotherapy treatment could be designed.  As a result I was doing some investigation and found the following information.  It turns out that you could download the Microsoft Biology Framework and investigate some of the research using your own computer.

I have included links to generic information about the cancer as well.  Some of the literature is a difficult read


Other general resources of information:

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In depth explanation of what genomes are:

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