What is Iterative MapReduce on Windows Azure?

Wow, something useful from Faculty Summit 2011!  Um, that didn’t come out right.  This is really useful CTP download on how to set-up and deploy MapReduce on Azure.

This download has a deployment guide and sample code.  I could say more, but you really should just head over to the URL and download it immediately.

Ok, if you are still here, then here is what is you could do:

  • Develop your data analytics algorithm or algorithm
  • Upload your data and library of data analytics routines into Windows Azure
  • Deploy the Daytona runtime to Windows Azure
  • Launch data analytics algorithms

Researchers at Microsoft Research approve your use of Project Daytona, if you want to know who they are and more on Project Daytona:

If you need access to Azure then use the free code on this page.  If you have used the Azure code, keep in mind that it uses your email for verification.  Get it.  Enuff said.