What is the mood of the social networks?

Microsoft Research, using Infer.net have worked out a process to take the “pulse” of the emotions of the social networks. This is important, especially with the Presidential election coming up.  For example some of the exit surveys for big races will show one thing and then the voters do something else.  In the US, the 1948 election between Truman and Dewey was thought to be close (but not by Truman who was able to state almost to the single vote his actually majority win).  Truman was able to infer correctly the feeling of the US voter, who was clearly not happy with him as president but decided to give him another chance. 

Take a look at this article, if you are in marketing, managing, etc.  For example you might be using something like office talk inside your corp and this would help you find out how everyone is feeling.

In the Mood for Social Media

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