Windows 8 Development using DryadLINQ toolkit for information retrieval

It’s that time of year, back to school, end of summer heat, and surf is surf.  And that means you are likely thinking about how to write a great Windows 8 program.  I know I am.  Any great software application has to be able to front end interesting information.  For instance let’s say you want to collect data from CERN, many people are these days you know (just kidding) in search of the Higgs-Bozos, oops, I mean Higgs Bosons.

To do this you need great ways to collect data, here is a toolkit that uses the DryadLINQ for Data-Parallel information.  So if you are working for companies like Boeing, or Schools like UC, Irvine, it’s time to think about how to tie in the Windows 8 products.  For the shop floor or for researchers, after all your research needs to be used by someone with money.

Check it out at (it’s a link, click on it):

A Data Parallel toolkit for Information Retrieval

Likely it will need some work, but worth it.