WTF#: Compelling demonstration


Email thread with my favorite manager today, we can’t agree if F# can make a compelling demo for an online talk.  His criticism is correct, but I am sure I can do a compelling demo, unfortunately my favorite manager is often right, otherwise he is wrong.  However, he has some experience he did a bunch of stuff with Iron Python, and I got to give him some points that he really gave it a shot.  So he speaks from experience from my point of view.

I think that the burned lands demo is pretty good if I spiff it up, don’t know.  Anybody got any ideas?  Leave a comment.  Be nice to work together on a demo that is compelling using F#.  Not that I want to prove my manager wrong, I think that he would appreciate the collaboration.

Maybe something with XNA, Silverlight and then uses F# for the Physics, that would be cool.  Better yet would it be possible to work with World of Warcraft?  Nope, WOW uses Lua.

Any ideas?

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