WTF#: World of Warcraft, VSLAB and a note that I have an awesome manager

image First off, I wish to thank the folks who are commenting on this blog, but one complaint: Edgar Sánchez left a comment but his blog engine will not allow me to leave a contact for him. 

A tool that you might want to consider utilizing for your experimentation with the F# language:

  • VSLab, a graphics tool,, if you do use it, make sure to give feedback on the site on how you used it, that is important to keep the product improving.

Now the question I have in mind is this: Can F# be used with World of Warcraft? Just kidding, sort of. My partner Kenny Spade and I are working on some demos around the use of World of Warcraft with Visual Studio. My manager was great about it, when I ask if I could buy the whole Warcraft system and everything, he went for it! Thanks boss.

So for now i am working on a World of Warcraft demonstration, and that might take a while, has anyone of my readers created code for WOW? Let me know. I think it would be funny to do some F# with WOW. Not that it is needed or useful, but it is interesting.

It helps that I have a review coming up that I can honestly say that my manager is pretty awesome! (And if you think I am kissing up, it is a pretty good bet he doesn’t read this blog, which is cool with me.)

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