Yippee, Popfly Web page will support Instant Messaging

I just tested the IM capabilities of the Popfly server, and it works!  Slowly, you have a delay of a few seconds when the messages are sent and received.  But to do our tests of the Sensor Touch, we can live with that.  Remember this is a test of concept, not the final product.  The best research product development is to be able to prototype with items that are close to the final product, but that isn't always the case.

For example, the C-17 test vehicles were nothing like the final C-17 aircraft.  Here we are just testing and building protocol.

So bottom line I tested the use of Visual Studio 2008 with the lab page source running on Popfly.  A video will be posted sometime in the future.

To try the popfly version of Instant Messager, go to: http://www.popfly.com/users/SocalSam/HillBillyIM

It works, but the interface needs polish.  Let me know if you got it to work.  You will need Visual Studio 2008 with Visual Web Dev and the Popfly Add-in.