ISV Partner Newsletter: Windows 7 Overview

The December 2008 ISV partner newsletter offered this opportunity to learn about Windows 7.

Windows 7 Overview

Discover more about the features and capabilities of the upcoming Windows 7 operating system and explore the opportunities it offers to grow your business.

On this site, with the videos of speeches by Windows executive leadership, you will find this list of Windows 7 features

Windows 7 delivers features that address key business and technical areas for partners and customers including:

  • Federated Search: Deliver a consistent experience finding file across PCs, networks, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sites.<
  • DirectAccess: To link users to corporate resources from the road without a virtual private network.
  • BranchCache: To make it faster to open files and Web pages from a branch office.
  • Bitlocker ToGo: Data protection for removable devices.
  • Refined Universal Access Control: To give fewer prompts for users and more flexibility for IT.
  • PowerShell and group policy management.
  • Client virtualization: With virtual desktop infrastructure enhancements to improve user experience.
  • Device Center: To provide a single place to access all connected and wireless devices with Device Stage, to see status and run common tasks from a single window.
  • HomeGroup: To make it easier to share media, documents, and printers across multiple PCs in offices without a domain.

A good starting point for a product that has not yet shipped it's first Beta.