Moving to Developer Division

Looking ahead, there are changes in the winds that will require advancing the capacity of the developer to deliver direct and indirect value in deployment.  Developer Division is growing it's investments in software logistics including key developer infrastructure such as task and bug management, source control, and test frameworks.  Investments that occur at the logistical hand-offs between developer (software producer) and user (software consumer) are not as strong as the internal logistical tools.

In moving to Developer Division, my aspirations are about doing things better together.  Better together is consistent with the end to end Windows Installer 4.5 experience across the multi-package transaction, the embedded UI handler, and the embedded chainer.  Better software logistical agility end to end would benefit many software producers and consumers.  Lots of opportunity to solve hard problems and deliver compelling value.

I'm still helping a bit with the Windows Installer 4.5 glide path.  As with any project, there have been choices and decisions made without formally writing them down and reviewing them broadly.  My remaining Windows Installer 4.5 role will be to pull those unwritten details out of my head and messaging queues.