Why the q: drive?

Overheard an interesting discussion on SoftGrid.  Here's my spin on their talking points.

Q: Why is the q:\ drive needed?

A: Some applications write paths to the system in which they need a full path including the root.  Given migrating to SoftGrid in IT is principally done via repackaging (via a tool called a sequencer) the repackager needs to provide the application install a reasonable facsilime of the system.  With the Q drive provided by SoftGrid, the legacy application installer can then sprinkle a fully qualified path to settings locations such as the registry, ini files, and XML config files.

More SoftGrid specific detail is available in Knowledge Base article 931626: How to hide and to restrict access to the SoftGrid Client drive letter

The Group Policy specific ability to hide drives is described in Knowledge Base article 231289: Using Group Policy Objects to hide specified drives