Almost forgot about the hands on labs

In my last post I pointed out all the great sessions Outlook developers should be checking out while at the PDC next week, but I forgot about the hands on labs!  For the Outlook developer there are at least two interesting labs, the 'Outlook 12' lab and a VSTO lab which will cover some aspects of Outlook programming.  While the hands on labs are fairly scripted, they will provide you with a great chance to get in there and look at the code and start to see how the solutions can be built.


If you’re new to Outlook programming, I suggestion you try out both labs.  If you’re already an experienced Outlook developer, then check out the labs but dig deeper if you can, look through the object browser and experiment a little (if they’ll let you, I’ve never done an HOL before, so don’t hold me to it).  I know you’ll find there are a ton of new classes and opportunities for integrating and working with Outlook data.  I'll be overseeing the Outlook lab a couple of times during the week, so if you have any questions flag me down and let me know.


Hope to see you at the PDC!