PDF Preview Handler for Outlook/Vista

If you're running Windows Vista, or Outlook 2007 on either Vista or Windows XP, you're probably wondering just how long you have to wait until you can use the preview capabilities of your new operation system or Outlook client to view PDF documents.

While I still haven't seen an official solution to the problem from Adobe or any of the other typical PDF reader component companies, I have found a few answers online.  There are a couple of different downloads that will solve your problems, depending on the PDF reader you favor.

  • Foxit: Tim Heuer has partnered with Foxit software to create Foxit PDF Preview Handler, which works with Foxit Reader.
  • Acrobat: I've created a similar freeware component that works with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.x or later.  If you favor using Adobe Acrobat, take a look at my PDF Preview Handler.

If you know of another solution to the problem, add a comment here so other users can find a solution for their PDF previewing problems.