Updated Outlook 2003 Integration APIs Published

Hot off the digital presses, the revised edition of the Outlook 2003 Integration API reference has been published over on the Microsoft download site.  The documentation has been updated for Outlook 2003 SP1.

For those of you interested in building rich solutions on top of Outlook 2003, this guide is a great reference to some of the previously internal APIs that Outlook 2003 exposes that your application can use to take advantage of a lot of the work that has gone into making Outlook 2003.  The API reference includes information on the following APIs.

  • Account Management API
  • Data Degradation Layer API
  • Free/Busy API
  • MAPI-MIME Conversion API
  • Offline State API
  • Replication API
  • Store API

These APIs allow advanced developers to build rich Outlook integrated solutions without having to re-write major functional blocks that are already part of the Outlook platform.  To really take advantage of these APIs you’ll need a good background in C++ and the MAPI platform.

Don’t forget though that the documentation in this kit only applies to Outlook 2003.  Solutions built using these documented APIs may not be compatible with previous or future versions of Outlook.