Using WPF in Outlook Folder Home Pages

One common question developers have asked is how they can extend the view area of Outlook to display additional information related to the contents of a folder.  Our solution to this problem is to use a Folder Home Page along with the Outlook View control to enable you to customize the look and feel of a folder, while still displaying folder information.

One example of an Outlook folder home page that ships with Outlook is the Outlook Today page, which is accessible by clicking on the top most folder in your default store.

Lately, developers have been interested in how they can leverage some of the new .NET Framework 3.5 enhancements like WPF in this space. Hülya Pamukçu has recently posted an article over on the CSD End-to-End Team Blog about this very subject.  In the article Hülya covers how to host WPF controls inside a folder home page and how to leverage the Outlook View Control in the space at the same time.