Cloud Security in Office365

You heard about the launch of Office365 recently and I hope you read the blog post on the application of the Cloud Computing Security Considerations to the private. cloud. If not, here it is: Security Considerations in a Private Cloud

To complete the series now, we released an additional paper on how these considerations can be applied to Office 365. It is not about the security features of Office 365. It is about how a the responsibilities between the customer and us can and shall be split. This is a really interesting paper in my opinion: Addressing Cloud Computing Security Considerations with Microsoft Office 365.

Additionally, we took a deeper look at the Cloud Security Alliance’ Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) at provided an answer for each question/control raised in this document: Standard Response to Request for Information - Security and Privacy.

These are all steps to provide you with the necessary transparency to get into the public cloud and on Office 365!