iPhone saves you the trouble of reporting your working time

You might know the problem if you are working in consulting: You have to fill out the report, form whom you spent your time. And then you forgot to fill in the tool and all of a sudden you have a hard time figuring out where you have been.

There is a revolution: iPhone solves this problem! According to the Guardian in the UK, iPhone keeps track of your location, stores this in a secret file and even downloads it to your PC. You just need a tool now, which visualizes this. This might be an example:

Picture from the original blog on the Guardian

Oh, you are worried about your privacy? You do not know what Apple does with this data? Why should you? Come on…

And you do not care about losing your phone, do you? Well is you lose it, it might be fairly easy to figure out, where you live (the biggest concentration of location data), where the favorite playground of your kids is (the second highest concentration) etc. And as your calendar is on your phone, they even know when you are on vacation or when your kids will play on the playground…. But your iPhone is secure, it takes at least 5 minutes to break it!

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To me, this is fairly significant…