DevOps Summit Brazil 2016 - It was awesome!

Hello everyone!

Last friday and saturday Lambda3, BR Soluções Integradas and Microsoft promoted the 2016 (and 1st) edition of DevOps Summit Brazil. "First" because this event is a joint of two renomated events: ALM Summit and Azure Summit.

Basically, their founders are following the market tendency of DevOps and nothing would make more sense than merging these two events.

The registrations were closed almost a week before because there were no more tickets available. It was awesome! Lots of people exchanging their experiences using Microsoft technologies to make DevOps real.

On Friday, the the content was dedicated to the business aspects of DevOps and Cloud for companies.

The technical day of the event, Saturday, had about 38 speakers in 4 different tracks: Cloud Technologies, Modern Development, Continuous Improvement and Practices and Processes.

To the organizers, congratulations, you've made an amazing event! The place you choose to run it and the quality of the tracks were awesome. Way to go!

I was honored to contribute with two slots in the Continuous Improvement track. On the 1st, I tried to help people to think a little bit more about how testing is essential to let us trust more in our DevOps processes. I also tried to: stop the fight between Devs and Ops and have a measurable comparison between manual and automated testing. Automation is essential for DevOps! :-)

To illustrate this approach, I used the spreadsheet that you can download here.

[caption id="attachment_155" align="aligncenter" width="300"]"Let the automation make your DevOps process more trustable" talk "Let the automation make your DevOps process more trustable" talk[/caption]

For the second I, Adriano Bertucci, Renato Groff and Thiago Meuser had 2 hours to preparate an end-to-end demonstration of how testing is automated using BDD, Selenium, Visual Studio Team Services and Azure. We stored the code on VSTS Git; Built it; deployed its binaries on an Azure VM, which had Test Case automations on it, and Ran Functional Tests using VSTS Build. If you want to know more about running functional tests using VSTS, follow this link to watch a video.

By the way, we've got all the Build Noturno's staff present on the event. Build Noturno is a live monthly videocast where we talk about ALM, DevOps and Development process, in general. Here we are:

[caption id="attachment_135" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Build Noturno's staff Build Noturno's staff[/caption]

If you want to see some more pics of the event, I'm going to publish them on this album.

Once again: congratulations to the organizers and thank you for one more opportunity to share knowledge with out technical community!