Back from Brazil

I've been on vacation the last two weeks, and was silent for several weeks before that.  Lots of things from that time stretch I want to share.  Most notably, we wrapped up the promised "VSS GDR CTP".  Brian Harry was kind enough to announce its RTW in my absence (including an all-too-necessary jab at its TLAs):

Along with the VS2008 wave of products, we are providing an update to Visual SourceSafe 2005 called a GDR.  GDR stands for something like General Distribution Release and it is very much like a service pack.  The differences are subtle and I won't try to explain them right now.  This GDR contains over 57 fixes and includes all customer requested hot fixes and many internally found and fixed issues.  It is also designed to make sure that VSS 2005 works well with the VS 2008 wave of products.  The update is available for free to all licensed VSS 2005 customers.

We have just released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) for the GDR - ok, the TLAs are getting out of hand now :)  You can read about some of the issues it addresses in the following Knowledge Base article:  And you can download the CTP here if you want to try it out:

The official release of the VSS 2005 GDR will come this fall.

You can find a longer explanation of the terminology and the complete list of bugs among my previous posts.  Still, I have quite a blogging backlog from "going dark."   First order of business: update said bug list.  (edit - done)