Back In Town, And Commerce Server Best Practices Analyzer

Just returned from a pleasant 10-day vacation to London and Edinburgh and am ready to get back to work. A few musings ...

- If you live in the LA area, I recommend NOT using LA Limo Service for transportation. I got a call an hour before my pickup saying they had to cancel because the driver was in traffic. Traffic in Southern California ... shocking. Good planning, Magellan.

Why are there so many freakin' Italian restaurants in London? I think they outnumbered the English pubs. Best food I had was actually  
Indian. Just great stuff at [Moti Mahal]( in Kensington.  
  • For a city that has virtually no pubic trash receptacles, the streets are surprisingly clean. Where does all the trash go (not counting
    the Tube tracks)?
  • If you get chance, that train ride from London to Scotland is something else. You don't get scenery like that in SoCal.
  • I've developed a man-crush on St. Louis Cardinals baseball coach Tony La Russa after reading
    Three Nights in August on the plane flight. Of the couple dozen books I've read this year, this might be my favorite.
  • If your female companion wants to wear 3-inch heeled boots to tour a hilly, cobblestone saturated castle, take my advice,
    tell them not to. It's terrifying to watch.

In order to not make this a completely useless post from a technical perspective, don't forget
to check out the brand new
Commerce Server 2007 Best Practices Analyzer. As with the BizTalk BPA, it doesn't change any configuration settings, but, does
make you aware of less than optimal settings.

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