Commerce Server Chats

Just in case you're a closet Commerce Server fan, don't forget to check out the monthly chats that get fired up on MSDN. The June transcript is a bit sparse, but both May and April have some pretty good questions and comments.

A couple notes on Commerce Server. Although there is a "2002" after the name, this product has had some active development after a bit of a quiet period. We've released a service pack, a very solid feature pack, and fairly recently, a great fully functional starter site which I've actually used to build a couple demos. If you have Commerce Server installation in production without the feature pack, you're missing quite a few nice management feature upgrades. Finally, the roadmap for this product moving forward is quite solid with an upcoming 2006 release coming up shortly, as well as initial planning for the version after that.

Watch this space for a technical look at 2006 features as we get closer to beta and release.