Favorite New Things In Commerce Server 2006

We're starting to release more information on the upcoming Commerce Server 2006 release, and three of my favorite new things are:

  • BizTalk Adapters. We're providing out-of-the-box adapters to the Order, Catalog, Inventory and Profile subsystems. You'll now be able to send and receive data between Commerce Server and BizTalk. This is great for exchanging catalogs with other sites, or synchronizing new orders with other key business applications in your org. Should make it very easy to allow for collaboration between any back-end system or workflow and your commerce site.
  • SQL Reporting Services. All of the business reports are now part of SQL Reporting Services enabling some robust reporting and presentation capabilities.
  • New Business Tools. That means no more Business Desk. We've replaced that trouble-maker with some very functional UIs for managing catalogs, campaigns and customers.

There are also some key improvements for developers within VS.NET 2005, and within individual subsystems (e.g. multiple baskets, support for rankings, updated catalog import/export, and bulk data updates).

I'll be posting some demos of the major changes as we lead up to the 2006 release.