More Commerce Server 2006 Features

Attended a great session a couple days ago on Commerce Server 2006 by Ryan Donovan at our Microsoft-internal
TechReady conference. Some interesting notes include ...

  • Great new function of search in the Orders subsystem is the ability to find records by querying any property of the XSD schema
  • User controls for ASP.NET 2.0 and Commerce Server 2006 for standard functions like shopping cart and catalogs. Will be part of Starter Site. Awesome.
  • The business toolset for Commerce Server 2006 can be run over the internet if they point to a valid http or https web service URL.
  • Powerful integration with SQL Reporting Services allows for a particular report of interest to be scheduled and delivered to your desktop on regular intervals.
  • We'll be providing some nice resources to help you implement best practices
  • Nice Commerce Server integration story with SharePoint "12" and Content Management "12" via ASP.NET 2.0 and Commerce Server web controls
  • Integrated SharePoint search by indexing the catalog web service, which exposes all product
  • Fantastic performance numbers including the new ability to host 100 active sites on a single server.

We've done a great job of turning direct customer feedback into tangible product improvements. Like what you hear?
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