New BizTalk Troubleshooting Guide Is Fantastic

My man Luke posted that the BizTalk Developer's Troubleshooting Guide has been posted online.

I just read through the whole thing, and let me tell you, this is without a doubt the single most useful document to a regular BizTalk developer. This is EXACTLY the sort of guidance that architects and developers need. It starts off with some general "best practices" that may feel like common sense, but then we get to the good stuff. Topics such as using TraceLog for capturing operational data, specific strategies for debugging major adapters (EDI, FILE, FTP, HTTP, SOAP, Peoplesoft, SQL, MSMQ, etc), covers BAM debugging, map and schema troubleshooting, almost 40 pages on debugging orchestrations, web service debugging, and more. And this isn't just the basic "is your receive port turned on" sort of stuff, but provides things like trace flags for debugging deadlocks in SQL 2005. Come on, that's good stuff.

Seriously, stop reading this post, and download this.

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